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Alaska Active Cruise Packing

1. Pack dark blue jeans.  I mention dark blue jeans because this color of jean can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You’ll need jeans  for warmth on the ship and while enjoying shore excursions.

2. Pack a good pair of hiking boots. If you are going to participate in any of the  rugged shore excursions that are available, you will be glad you brought them.

3. Bring a rain jacket and a warm coat, gloves and heavy socks if you are going to visit a glacier.

4. Layer your clothing . Your day will start out cool, then it will warm up and then back down to cool again. Think about packing clothes that can be added or easily removed when the weather changes.

5. Pack short and a swimsuit for relaxing on the ship, although you would not think of Alaska as a swimming location. It is not always cold especially if you are taking a summer cruise

6.  Bring a warm thermos so you can take the hot chocolate with you as you watch the glacier

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